IT Networks Services and Solutions

What to Expect

Expertise in Microsoft Networking:

Specializes in Microsoft Networking to help implement and troubleshoot complex network environments.

Comprehensive Consulting and Training:

Offers services including Network Design, Installation, Administrator/End User Training, and Routine Network Administration & Support.

Efficient Network Management:

Utilizes Dell servers for easy setup of network rights, user management, and printing settings to streamline network management.

Proactive Maintenance:

Enhanced Support Services include real-time monitoring of Servers, Backup, and Antivirus to identify and resolve issues before they cause downtime.

Regular Updates and Patch Management:

Ensures clients are on the latest operating systems, updates, and patches for security and optimal performance, including installation of mission-critical third-party apps and antivirus software/scans.

Make Your IT Emergencies Disappear

Replace them with lower costs, efficiency, and friendly service

Full Support of Your Rapidly Increasing Network Needs

NEM Consulting Strategies, Inc. specializes in Microsoft Networking, offering expertise to implement and troubleshoot complex networks. We provide various consulting and training services, including Network Design, Installation, Training, and Routine Administration and support. Our solutions lessen the burden of managing demanding networks by utilizing Dell servers for seamless setup and management of network rights, user additions, and printing settings.

Our Enhanced Support Services offer real-time monitoring of Servers, Backup, and Antivirus, preempting downtime. Regular updates and patch management ensure clients stay current with operating systems and critical applications, maintaining security and performance. We prioritize proactive measures like installing mission-critical third-party apps, running antivirus software/scans, and ensuring remote file access for all members, ensuring peace of mind for clients.

Datto’s Siris BCDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) technology sets a new standard in data protection for MSPs, offering near-real-time backups, offsite synchronization, and robust disaster recovery capabilities. Explicitly designed for MSPs, Siris ensures comprehensive data protection from backup to cloud recovery, empowering MSPs to safeguard client data and restore operations swiftly during downtime. Whether facing ransomware attacks, file corruption, or server failures; Siris enables flexible recovery options—from file-level restoration to instant virtualization and bare metal recovery—ensuring minimal client downtime and maximum peace of mind for MSPs under pressure to deliver rapid, reliable solutions.

What Are The Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring of Servers, Backup, and Antivirus?

Real-time monitoring enhances security by detecting threats instantly, improving performance through continuous optimization, and boosting productivity by minimizing downtime. This proactive approach ensures issues are addressed before they escalate, providing peace of mind and smooth operations.

How Does Your Network Design Service Help My Business?

Our Network Design service creates a tailored network infrastructure that aligns with your business needs, ensuring efficiency and scalability. We focus on creating robust, secure networks that support your operations and facilitate future growth.

How Do You Ensure My Network Remains Secure and Up-To-Date?

We implement regular updates and patch management to keep your systems current with the latest security measures and performance enhancements. This proactive approach mitigates risks and ensures optimal network performance.